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14 April 2010



I noticed on the recent Dutch video that Colin uses an echo box which looks like a vintage Vox/Meazzi Echomatic. Is it a real one or a copy with "Atlantis" circuits ?

I attended twice performances by the Rapiers, in Paris and Calais, and much enjoyed them. If was also part of the "chain" which brought a borrowed Atlantis echo unit for Colin in Calais.


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Colin's echo machine is one of two reproduction machines, of which I have the other one. they took 3 years to develop, and there were 7 prototypes. The prototypes have all been scrapped. The electronics are today's technology, but the circuits closly follow the Vox/Meazzi unit. We sourced and used many vintage Meazzi parts in the project. There will be no more of these produced as the project was exclusively for Colin.

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